What Exactly is Normal “Wear and Tear”?


As a property owner in Irving, Richardson or elsewhere, you are expected to maintain your property for the comfort of your tenants. As you maintain your property, you’ll come across “normal wear and tear.” But what exactly does that mean? And is normal wear and tear exempt from security deposit deductions? All these questions and […]

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Texas Rental Laws – An Overview for Landlords and Tenants


A combination of laws guides the landlord-tenant relationships in the United States. These include federal, state, and local laws. When both parties understand these laws, issues that arise between them are usually fewer. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, this article is for you.  Disclaimer: This article is informative. As a result, it […]

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Estate Planning for Property Investors


Everyone needs an estate plan, regardless of the estate’s size. For property investors, having an estate plan strategy in place is important for asset protection, planning for taxes, and handling transfer of ownership. There are three basic elements of an estate plan: Will – this is a document that lets you designate how your property […]

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Pros and Cons of Self-Managing Your Dallas Rental Property


Should you self-manage or hire a property management company for your Dallas rental property investment? Each choice carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore the respective pros and cons of self-managing and hiring a property management team for your Dallas property. PROS: No property management expenses This is, by far, the best […]

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When Should a Landlord Start Using a Property Management Company?

Property management companies can be a colossal resource for your business,, however they don’t come shoddy. Also, there are different reasons why you probably won’t need or need one. Precisely survey the components talked about beneath to decide whether contracting a property administration organization is the correct move for your business. What Does a Property Management […]

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Know Your Property Management Tax Deductions

Your rental properties are a business. As a landlord, you’ll owe taxes on your Uptown Dallas investment properties. A profitable business requires you to minimize expenses to maximize your bottom line. From making affordable upgrades (rather than extravagant upgrades) to keeping tenants in your properties, you want to keep as much of your hard-earned cash as you can.  […]

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6 Things to Look for in a Property Management Company

Knowing how to choose the right property management company is as important as knowing what to look for in the right partner.  How to find the right company is all about where to look. Knowing what your property management company should do for you is the other critical part of the process.  Here’s what you should look for in […]

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How To Screen Your Tenants Effectively

Tenant screening is an essential piece of a hazard based way to deal with property administration. To keep up the most elevated guidelines and stay agreeable with all reasonable lodging laws, read on to find why building up a formal screening process and reliably tailing it will profit your property administration business and to potentially […]

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Is a Month to Month Lease Better for Landlords?

For a few landlords, keeping units involved starting with a month to month then onto the next and dodging startling opportunities is a noteworthy wellspring of stress. Most proprietors depend on term leases to keep tenants set up for a set timeframe; however would you and your inhabitants advantage from an elective course of action? […]

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