How to Apply

How to Apply for an Uptown Dallas Properties Home

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Go to the Properties tab and look for your property. You will be able to pay the online application fee at this time.

Application Fee

The applicant will pay a non-refundable $45 application fee for each application submitted.

Very Important

If you have any Pre-Move In (Make Ready) requests, we must know what they are before we present your application to the owner.

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For any questions or issues

Rental Qualification Guideline

To promote equal treatment of all applicants to tenancy at a property managed by Uptown Dallas Properties, please be advised that our brokerage is required under fair housing to adhere to a standard protocol to approve or deny any application submitted. All person(s) applying to live at one of our properties must meet the following minimum requirements:

Credit Check, Criminal Background Check, Rental History & Income Verification

Your landlord will not give us any rental history until you give 30-day notice.

To apply for a property; please go to

  • Upload a photo, your driver’s license & pictures of all pets
  • Pets are approved on a case by case basis with owner’s approval & $20/month pet fee
  • Aggressive breed pets, or aggressive breed mixes, are prohibited

Income must be at least 3 times the rental amount

  • Upload documentation of income at the bottom of the online application
  • Recent paycheck stubs or bank statements
  • If you are self-employed: upload last year’s tax return/last 6 months of bank statements
Income Requirements

The combined income of all the applicants must equal three (3) times the amount of the gross monthly rent. A guarantee or guaranties may be used to qualify.

Credit Requirements

Applicant must show that at least 50% of all of their current credit accessible accounts are in good standing. No available credit will be considered as good credit but we will require at least one guarantee and/or an additional deposit may be required.

Employment History

All applicants must be able to show a minimum of six (6) months verifiable employment history with his or her current employer and/or show that applicant is currently a full-time student. Without one of the two options, a lease guarantee will be required.

Special Requirements
  • Applicants under the age of eighteen (18) will be listed as occupants only and will not be considered a leaseholder
  • Each applicant must provide a copy of his/her government issued ID and allow it to be photocopied
  • A misdemeanor or felony conviction for ANY sexual related crime will result in automatic denial of application
  • A felony or misdemeanor conviction for any drug related crime (distribution or worse), violent crimes or crimes against persons may result in denial of application
  • Falsification of any item pertinent to the application will result in automatic denial of application
A Lease Guarantor must
  • Make at least 5 times the amount of the monthly rent
  • Agree to complete and submit a separate guarantee agreement
Occupancy Guidelines

Notwithstanding local, state or federal housing ordinances, familial status is defined by HUD as children under eighteen (18) years of age domiciled with parents or legal guardians with legal custody and/or someone who is pregnant and/or in the process of gaining legal custody (with written permission of the courts).

Total Maximum Occupancy will be as follows:

  • 1 Bedroom= 2 Tenants/Residents
  • 2 Bedroom= 3 Tenants/Residents
  • 3 Bedroom= 4 Tenants/Residents
  • 4 Bedroom= 5 Tenants/Residents
Property Deposit

Tenants are required to pay a security deposit. Please refer to the residential lease (paragraph 10) to confirm this amount, as well as, other provisions in the lease upon which said security deposit is NOT refundable.

Pet Deposit

If pet(s) are an option, the pet fee can be $250 – $500 per pet, depending on that owner. Pet deposits are refundable because we want to give you incentive to take care of your home. Tenant may at no time permit, even temporarily, a pet or animal of any type on the property without approval, a pet agreement and a pet deposit. If tenant fails to comply with this provision, there is an $400 initial and $40 per day fine and landlord remedies set-forth in paragraph 9 of the lease.

If pet(s) are an option, the pet fee can be $250 – $500 per pet, depending on that owner. Pet deposits are refundable because we want to give you incentive to take care of your home. Tenant may at no time permit, even temporarily, a pet or animal of any type on the property without approval, a pet agreement and a pet deposit. If tenant fails to comply with this provision, there is an $400 initial and $40 per day fine and landlord remedies set-forth in paragraph 9 of the lease.

Contact Us

For any questions or issues

What to expect once the Lease Application has been Approved

What to expect once the Lease Application has been Approved

We want to confirm you agree with:

  • Move in date
  • Rental rate of
  • Pent rent – monthly 20
  • Revised rental amount
  • Deposit
  • Pet deposit

After we hear back from you, we will send the lease electronic signature (DocuSign).  If there are multiple tenants, the lease will automatically forward after you sign. When you are going through the lease if you have any questions/concerns please give us a call, we can look at it together or you can come into our office to sign. We also have taken the property off the market for 24 hours so time is of the essence….. The lease needs to be signed within 24 hours.

What to expect once the lease has been signed

Time to pay your Deposit (24 hours to pay – Holding the property for 24 hours)

Go to Click on your tenant’s tab to set up your tenant portal. You will then be sent an Activation Link, allowing you to pay your deposit, monthly rent and to place maintenance requests.

Prior to move in, each tenant is required to

Show proof of utility transfer

A good, free service is click on “Get Connected” We recommend filling out and returning the Inventory & Condition form (found on our website) to (within 3 days of move in)

This is for your protection upon move out.

Show proof of renters’ insurance

As provided for in the Lease Contract, ALL Uptown Dallas Properties Residents must obtain at least a $100,000 renter’s insurance policy. Besides your personal items covered under the Policy, it is highly recommended that your Renter’s Insurance Policy cover damage to your unit, as well as, to other apartments and other unit’s private property.

Keys, Gate and Garage door openers

Your property manager and main contact is Philip Hopkins, he is your “go to guy” for anything. Touch base with Philip to coordinate keys, he is here to make your stay with Uptown Dallas Properties very enjoyable. 214-414-1769 Ext 2

Maintenance Requests

Go to your tenant portal to make a request, please try and upload pictures

Night Time Emergency Phone Number 214-414-1769 ext. 3

Rental Payments

All rental payments must be paid with your online tenant portal. We do not accept Checks or Cash.

*Automatic draft is available for free

You can pay with:

  • Echeck (For Free) which comes directly out of your checking account
  • Pay with a credit card, but there is a processing fee

Definition of Dates

Rent is due on or before the 1st of each calendar month, regardless of what day of the week or holiday that day may fall on. Uptown Dallas Properties gives its Tenant and extra two (2) calendar days as a “grace period” to help avoid late fees.

However, if your rental payment has not been received by 11:59 PM on the 3rd of the calendar month it will be considered late (regardless of the day of the week or holiday) If you are unable to make payment on or before the Due Date listed above, please contact our office to make other arrangements. Any and All allowances made by Uptown Dallas Properties must be confirmed by Property Manager in writing.

Late Fees

An Initial Late Fee will be charged for any rent payment not received in full by 11:59 PM on the 3rd of each calendar month. In addition to the Initial Late Fee, the Tenant/Resident will also be charged a late fee per day until BOTH the rent and late fees are PAID in FULL.

Access Cards Gate/Garage Remotes

If Applicable, the Resident will be responsible for the replacement of any lost, stolen, damaged or non-working access cards, gate/garage remotes used to access a given property or property facility.


Loitering, congregating, “tailgating” or the like are not permitted within the confines of ANY parking lot Managed by Uptown Dallas Properties.

Noise Violations

Tenant/Resident is solely responsible for their actions, as well as, the actions of their guest(s), visitor(s), and/or pets. Any entity (human or animal) once within the confines of property managed by Uptown Dallas Properties (including both your individual unit/dwelling and all communal area(s). A property is your home you are certainly entitled to enjoy the time you spend while at home, but that cannot be at the cost of other Tenants/Residents or Neighbors. Disturbing noises are obviously subjective to the person being disturbed. We ask that you use “common sense” to limit noise to a minimum, especially between the hours of 10PM-8AM. If we have a noise complaint specifically attributable to your unit/property, Resident is subject to the schedule of fines listed below and/or habitual offenders may be subject to eviction.


There will be NO alterations to the interior or exterior of your property (including the communal area) without Property Manager’s express written consent. All outlets (Electric, cable, telephone/internet, etc..) may only be placed at the previously wired location. Additionally, drilling, boring, dropping, or cutting existing wires is not allowed without Property Manager’s written permission.


Tenant/Resident is responsible for all costs associated with a plumbing repair due to neglect or misuse (Ex. sinks, commodes/toilets, etc..). If a plumbing malfunction is deemed to be caused by the introduction of ANY foreign object(s) such as, but not limited to, cloth/clothing, toys, grease, food particles, or other objects deemed to be terrestrial to the plumbing system. The above costs associated with repairing the plumbing issue are due immediately.

Pest Control

*15 Day Grace Period

Once you are in the property, if you see any indication of pest control that is needed, please contact maintenance immediately. After 15 days both Interior and Exterior Pest Control is the sole responsibility of the Resident, save and except, within multifamily complexes, wherein the Management is responsible for the Exterior Pest Control and the Tenant will be responsible for the Interior Pest Control.

The introduction or discovery of fleas or bed bug within a Tenant’s dwelling or complex, are grounds for immediate eviction if Management deems the infestation is due to Tenant’s substandard living conditions.

Lock-Outs or Rekeying

If Tenant is locked out between the hours of 8am – 5pm and chooses not to call a Locksmith, tenant agrees to pay Management a $150 fee payable at the time the service is provided. After 5pm, tenant must call a 24-hour locksmith.

*If there is a cause to rekey the Tenant’s property that is not caused by Management, Tenant agrees to pay ALL costs associated with same.


No pets of any kind are allowed on the property grounds at any time, without express written consent of Property Manager. If you live at a “pet friendly” property (where pets are allowed), you MUST execute a Pet Agreement Addendum and pay the applicable Pet Deposit and $20/month Pet Fee. Please note that the Pet Fee is nonrefundable. Pets are never to be left unattended for any period on patios, balconies or within private courtyards for any reason. When walking your pet, feces must be picked-up immediately and disposed of in the proper manner. Please note that unless a communal area trash receptacle is clearly marked to allow pet waste- it is NOT an option to put pet waste in the receptacle.

Satellite TV

If Applicable, Uptown Dallas Properties does NOT allow it’s Tenant’s/Resident’s to place a satellite dish anywhere on the property without explicit approval from Property Manager in writing.

Window Treatments

All window treatments used must be made of materials indicative of and/or like a curtain. Tenants/Residents are NOT allowed to use foil, boxes, blankets, sheets, wood or anything that is not sold in stores as a window treatment.

Patios, Balconies and Yards

All Patios, Balconies and yards must be kept clean and clear of storage items, personal or house ware items (rugs, clothing, etc.) Trash, fitness equipment (including bikes), and/or any furniture that is NOT patio style/quality.

Outdoor Grills

Use or storage of a charcoal or gas grill within a multifamily community is strictly prohibited per city code. Grills cannot be used within 15 feet of ANY structure due to increased fire hazard.

Personal Property

From the date the Lease is executed and/or when Tenant takes Occupancy (whichever occurs first)- Property Owner, Property Management, contractors and/or assigns are in no way responsible for the theft or damage to Tenant’s or Tenant’s Guest’s personal items. Residents are required (per the Lease) to carry Renter’s Insurance to cover any loss due to damage or theft. If Tenant/Resident needs assistance in securing a Renter’s Insurance Policy, please feel free to contact Property Manager.

Move-out Protocol

must be cleaned and free of debris, soap scum, any foreign objects. Please run dishwasher on a clean cycle (do not leave dishwasher unattended during clean cycle)

must be cleaned and free of debris, food particles, any foreign objects.

must be cleaned and free of all items, debris, food particles, any foreign objects. The Freezer must be emptied, and the ice maker must be turned off.

must be cleaned and free of debris, food particles, any foreign objects

wipe down all countertops and remove all objects and/or stains


  • Tile: Clean and wax all Tile floors;
  • Carpet: Professionally Clean Carpet (keep receipt from carpet vendor or rental of Steam cleaner
  • Hardwoods: sweep and mop all hardwood floors
  • Baseboards: clean all baseboards (remove all dirt, debris and touch-up any scuffs)


  • Clean all interior and exterior windows (the only exception is skylights if applicable)
  • Clean/wipe down all blinds
  • Confirm all blinds are functioning properly


  • Clean vanity top, mirrors, light fixtures, and shelving
  • Clean and disinfect- Tub/shower, toilet, flooring and sink(s)
  • Faucets (Tub and sink) must be free of lime/water stains

Air Filtration System/Fans

  • Replace all air filters
  • Clean all ceiling fans and wipe down all fan blades

Move – Out Charges

This itemization is provided for tenant protection. Amount of any deduction will be honestly and efficiently calculated. Below are approximate item costs upon move out. Leaving the property in the same condition as move in, allows the tenant’s deposit to be totally refunded. Tenant is not responsible for normal wear and tear.

Cleaning Rates

  • Ceiling Fan $15
  • Blinds $20
  • Oven/stove $60
  • Refrigerator $60
  • Microwave $25
  • Tub $80
  • Toilet $45
  • Pest control (TBD)

Replacement items

  • Unreturned keys, garage/gate door openers $75
  • Dirty A/C filter $15
  • Smoke Detector Replacement $15
  • Unpaid utilities (TBD)
  • Unpaid late/NSF fees (TBD)
  • Pet violation (TBD)

Labor Charges

  • Nails and/or Hooks Removal $5
  • Replace blinds (TBD)
  • Light Bulb Replacement $5
  • Mowing-Leaf raking $75 per bag
  • Cleaning/Maid Service $75/Hour
  • Costs to haul off furniture (TBD)
  • Carpet Cleaning $60/Per room
  • Resurface bath tub $350
  • Trash Removal $65/Bag
  • Resurface any sink $100

Floor Repairs

  • Refinish hardwood floors ($2.00 – $2.50 per sq. ft*)
  • Floor scratch repair/damage* (TBD)
  • Replace carpet ($35.00 – $45.00 per sq. yard*)

*In the event of carpet damage (stains, burn holes, pet urine); will need an estimate

Wall Repairs

  • Small hole $30 per
  • Fist size holes $100 per
  • Paint walls $75/hour

Paragraph 27 (Default) Summary

Tenant will be liable for: (a) any lost rent; (b) Landlord’s cost of reletting the Unit including but not limited to leasing fees, advertising fees, utility charges, and other fees reasonably necessary to re-let the Unit; (c) repairs to the Unit for use beyond normal wear and tear; (d) all Landlord’s costs associated with eviction of Tenant, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, court costs, costs of service, witness fees, and prejudgment interest; (e) all Landlord’s costs associated with collection of amounts due under this lease, including but not limited to collection fees, late charges, and returned check charges; and (f) any other recovery to which Landlord may be entitled by law.’

Paragraph 28 (Early Termination) Summary

Landlord may, but is not obligated to, attempt to find a replacement tenant.

Since not obligated; Landlord will Not Allow/Permit (at any time) an assignee, subtenant, or replacement tenant to occupy the Unit.

Notice of Tenants Intent To Vacate
Inventory & Condition Form