Why Hire Us

Are you a property owner looking for a reliable property management company in Dallas?

We at Uptown Dallas Properties can help. Our business philosophy relies on a few simple yet valuable principles:

  • Do your best job.
  • Treat others the way you expect them to treat you.
  • Problems are an opportunity to solve issues.

Our goal is to have landlords living with peace of mind. We work every day to make that happen.


So, what’s your aim as a property investor?

The landlords we serve want to maximize the passive income from their investment. You might see self-managing your investment as an option, but consider these common scenarios that property managers face:

  • Late or missing rent payments
  • Complaints from neighbors
  • Simultaneous maintenance requests
  • Court cases involving tenants

These make up a fraction of potential issues that property managers have to deal with. Let Uptown Dallas Properties take care of these time-consuming challenges for you!

Our family-oriented management company opened in 2013. It’s run by Scott Wilkinson, a life-long Dallas resident. You can be sure that our team has intimate knowledge of the area, and we’ll always provide services tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when working with us.

#1: Tenant Screening

Screening your prospective tenants is an important step. We check their employment status and criminal background. Additionally, we keep an eye out for other things that may indicate red flags concerning their behavior as tenants.

Our comprehensive background checks ensure that you’ll only get the best renters. At the same time, we’ll ensure that the screening process is fair. We guarantee that no applicants are subjected to any discrimination.


Our high screening standards will help you find tenants who cause fewer problems, pay on time, and care for your property. In other words, you’ll gain the best ROI results.

#2: Rental Pricing

Property managers are responsible for setting the right rental price. This process is crucial because having the perfect rent amount maximizes the return on your investment.

A common landlord mistake is setting the wrong rate. As a result, they overcharge or undercharge their tenants. Setting the price too high causes high vacancy rates. Few people can afford that rent. Conversely, undercharging leads to lower yields compared to the peak earning potential.

Neither of these scenarios will work out well for you. Our rental pricing methods rely on careful strategic planning. We factor in real-world data to make the most effective estimates for optimal rental prices.

#3: Efficient Marketing

Every landlord in the Dallas area knows how important property marketing is for minimizing the vacancy rate. Empty properties bring zero income. Plus, you still need means to cover the mortgage and basic maintenance costs.

Our proven marketing techniques will get your property in front of as many potential tenants as possible. We use a diverse range of methods for cutting the time it takes to fill a vacant unit. From standard “For Rent” signs in front of the property to smart online advertising, your rental will get all the exposure it needs.

#4: Maintenance & Repairs

Keeping your property in great condition preserves its value. We’ll conduct all the maintenance and regularly take care of any repairs. When you take good care of the rental unit, the tenants inside experience a higher quality of life. This can translate to a lower vacancy rate.


When a repair situation arises, we’ll take care of the problem for you. You don’t have to worry about finding companies for maintenance or sudden repair needs.

#5: Rent Collection

Do you want to save time on dealing with rent collection?

We hold a strict policy that ensures you get your rent on time. We’ll check that your lease agreements cover everything crucial for rent collection, including:

  • How much time is available for the grace period?
  • When and where is the rent due?
  • What’s the rent price structure?
  • When and how are late fees collected?

Why You Should Hire Us

Managing a rental property isn’t easy for landlords. There are many responsibilities, and it takes a lot of time and energy. Additionally, your tenants might need your help at odd hours. The associated stress can build up faster than you imagine.

Luckily, you can pick a solution that will free you from all these worries. Hiring Uptown Dallas Properties signifies that you can focus on other important matters. You won’t have to worry about the common concerns that landlords face on a daily basis.

We focus on all the important aspects of successful property management. Your rental units will be filled with high-quality tenants who care for your property, pay their rent on time, and are likely to rent long-term.


You’ll never have to bother with legal compliance issues again. We’ll handle all the legal questions connected to your Dallas rental property. You can be sure that your property complies with all the regulations.

Even though we do our best to select the best tenants, sometimes tenant evictions may become a necessary process. In this case, we’ll take care of all the details, including resolving any legal complexities and following all the requirements.

So, are you looking for a property management company in the Dallas area?

You’ve found the right partner!

Give us a call today to learn more about our property management services and how we can help you achieve your investment goals.