Gaining Tenants Through Property Listings

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Listing your property for rent comes with all kinds of preparations; cleaning, renovations and updating, and actually writing a listing for your property.  Tenants can be drawn to keywords or location features, pictures of your property, or possible amenities your property has.  Learning to write a property listing can be a challenge, but writing an effective property listing can draw in many potential tenants.

According to USA Today, single family home rental has increased 30% in the last 3 years over buying a home. Building an effective property listing can give an edge over other houses on the rental market in your area. 


Photographs are some of the first things that tenants will look at before deciding which properties to even consider renting.  Listings with pictures can bring in approximately 94% more views than property listings that do not have photos.

We recommend hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your rental. Professional photographers have been trained to understand lighting and space, and they have the equipment to take quality pictures and capture the best angles of your rental.  

High quality photographs are an investment in the success of your property, and could mean the difference between finding good tenants or having a property sit empty.


When tenants are searching for a property, location always matters. Potential tenants will usually have a general idea of the area that they would like to live in, and some may be willing to live within a few miles of that area.  

When listing your rental property, highlight some of the more interesting or exciting things about the area your rental is located in to help bring in more potential tenants.  If you’re listing your property in Dallas, you could highlight the draws of the large city and mention that their restaurant scene is one of the most active and growing in the country.  

One tool that is being used more and more by property owners, especially in larger cities, is WalkScore. Services like WalkScore take your address and give it a score based on access to attractions in the area.


People love reading stories and picturing themselves in different settings.  Adding a story to your property listing can be a very profitable marketing tool. 

If you describe a porch on your Plano property by saying, “Imagine drinking your morning coffee on the front porch, all while you listen to the wind blow through the trees” helps to add to the imagery of the rental for your reader and potential tenant.

You can use storytelling to enhance your property’s strengths like “the bay window in the bedroom drenches the room in early morning sunlight”; but storytelling can also be used to change the property’s negatives into positives.  Instead of “small”, you can change the room to an “intimate setting”. 


Of course, with anything there are buzz words that potential renters can hone in on, most of these words are amenities; such as in-unit laundry or a garage parking space.  But there are other keywords that you can use to your benefit to make your property more appealing to renters.  

Words like “elegant”, “bright”, or “unique” grab the reader.  Who doesn’t want to live in a home with an elegant foyer or bright open space?  Using descriptive words will help put the reader in the property in their mind, and make them more interested in viewing and possibly renting your home.  

Drawing in tenants to your rental property can be achieved through writing an attractive property listing.  Learning to do so takes time, skill, and an understanding of your property’s surroundings.  Through the use of enticing photos, surrounding locations and amenities, and storytelling; you have the potential to draw in many potential renters.  

A property manager is well versed in creating property listings that can bring tenants into your home.  For more information about how a property manager can help you write a listing for your property that will bring you tenants, contact us for a free consultation.