Property Management in Frisco, Texas

Are You Looking For a Professional Property Manager?

Are you a property investor in Frisco looking for reliable property management services?

If that is the case, you are in the right place. At Uptown Dallas Properties, we commit to making your rental property investment hassle-free. After partnering up with us, you can be certain that all the tasks and duties that consume your time will be taken care of.

Many landlords who are just starting out do not imagine the extent of their responsibilities. There are many different areas that you have to cover as a property manager, including:

  • Selecting the right tenants for your property
  • Ensuring a steady and efficient payment collection
  • Conducting regular repairs on the property
  • Quickly answering sudden maintenance requests
  • Carrying out effective marketing and advertising activities

We at Uptown Dallas Properties will help you with all these responsibilities. When you work with us, you can put your focus on other important matters.

We have a lot of free services for our landlords. You can be sure that we will compose all your lease agreements and provide around-the-clock service for maintenance emergencies. Also, you will enjoy the benefits of direct deposits into your bank account.

Our Frisco Property Management Services

Uptown Dallas Properties offers a comprehensive bundle of property management services. Your needs as a rental property owner in Frisco, Texas are always covered.


We are committed to ensuring that the real estate investors and tenants receive the best customer experience in the area. As our partner, here are some of the top services you can expect from us:

1. Rigorous Tenant Screening

How can you avoid future headaches regarding your tenants?

The essential step is to ensure that you carry out a thorough tenant screening process. We have a rigorous screening strategy that guarantees you will only have quality tenants in your rental property.

We are aiming to get tenants that cause no damages, opt for long-term tenancy, and pay rent on time. As a result, you can enjoy lower vacancy rates and a steady flow of cash.

While conducting the screening process, among other things, we check the following:

  • Potential criminal background
  • Credit check
  • Previous behavior as a tenant
  • Proof of income and steady employment
  • Sex offender records

2. Rent Collection

Many landlords find rent collection a stressful duty.

At Uptown Dallas Properties, we have designed an effective rent collection system. The rules are strict but fair. Additionally, the system has been created keeping the convenience of your tenants in mind.

We understand that on-time rent collection is an important pillar of your rental business. Consistent cash flow gives reassurance that your investment is healthy and growing.

The online rent payment option makes payments easier for tenants. When they fall late on a payment, we will react by issuing a late fee, if applicable. This does not happen very frequently due to our comprehensive background checks before signing any lease agreement.

3. Property Advertising

Vacant rental units can be frustrating for all Frisco property owners. Empty rental properties generate expenses while giving no positive return on your initial investment.


We take property advertising and marketing strategies seriously. All of our approaches are designed to get your property leased as quickly as possible. In order to reach this goal, we will use a mix of online and offline approaches to maximize the impact.

There are many techniques we use to advertise your property. These include word of mouth tactics, flyers, digital campaigns, and listing your rental on top relevant sites on the web.

4. Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Every property investor wants to see the financial stats of their properties. We use a digital approach that allows you to access your financial reports on a 24/7 basis.

We provide a variety of financial reports for our customers. Balance sheet, a general ledger, accounts payable report, and bank statements with reconciliations are just some of the useful reports we deliver on a continuous basis.

5. Property Repairs & Maintenance

Being responsive to maintenance requests at all times is one of our principles. This makes the lives of tenants much easier while providing a more steady tenancy rate for property owners due to an increased quality of life in the units.

Here are the main reasons why focusing on high-quality repairs and maintenance is vital:

  • Quickly dealing with maintenance needs preserves the value of your investment.
  • Many issues become more expensive in the long run if they aren’t addressed immediately.
  • Texas Landlord-Tenant Law demands the maintenance of your property’s habitability.

About Frisco, Texas

As a suburb of Dallas, Frisco provides a great quality of life for its residents. The city boasts a wide variety of public schools that have high academic standards.


In 2018, MONEY ranked Frisco, TX as one of the best places to live in America. The list considered several factors, such as affordability, quality of life, and economic growth.

People living in Frisco appreciate its cleanliness, friendly community, and plenty of opportunities. The latter has seen significant growth in the last few years as Frisco progressed from a suburban town into a booming city.

There are many choices for entertainment and winding down after a long day. The streets of Frisco are filled with numerous shops and restaurants for all the different tastes.

Some regard Frisco as a small town that has the benefits of a bigger city. Moreover, its residents are happy about the overall safety, and the convenience of accessing many services without the need to drive out of town.

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